19 October, 2008

OPEC Does A "Monopoly Squeeze" Of Their Customers

Here is another reason why we soon need to be off fossil fuels.  From this kind of action, people are slowly going to wake up to the nature of the game: The price never goes down.

Luckily, this is happening at a time when electric vehicles are becoming more and more desirable and accessible and affordable, so oil can go up for all the clever people will care.  With the world putting in acres of wind power, megawatts of solar power, and efforts are made to avoid dirty fossil fuel for relatively clean biofuels, Big Oil will slowly fade into insignificance.  The current rounds of jockeying production to starve the market and drive prices up and up and up will eventually finish, when the OPEC nations realise that for some reason they aren't selling at any price...

My most sincere advice to you all is - write to your favourite car dealership and ask where all the electric vehicles are.  Not hybrids, not super-efficient diesels - the pure electrics.  Act.  Act again, and again.  Send letters to every car dealer in your town and city.  Send a letter to a member of parliament or senator, ask them where the new electric vehicles are.  Ask the hard questions, and if enough people do it, it will happen.

Try this, too - make the car manufacturers responsible for cleaning up some of the mess.  This is not really a punitive measure (read my article) it is a chance for car manufacturers to earn more money from their existing models.  It's a chance to reduce the huge environmental cost of replacing one's car every few years, and to hold on to the same car - but pay less for running it, and produce less pollution.  If you like that idea - put that in your letters, too.

The important thing is to never take the pressure off government and big business, never take no for an answer.  Alone, we don't make that much difference.  But together, ah together...  It becomes an upswell, a wave, a tsunami.  And whether it be government or business, they can't go against that.

It's not even important for everyone to follow my lead and my articles - as long as you are now thinking more about saving money and saving your environment and saving the world, I've already done my bit, and the upswell continues...

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