09 November, 2008

Trick Your Body Into Burning Fat With Drugs.

Unfortunately for you, you junkie you, they don't mean party drugs... hehehehe..  Trick your body into burning fat - if that's not the most abuseable thing I don't know what is.  For a starter, there are always people who "are more special than the standard dose" and who will deliberately overmedicate. They say the drug is closely related to resveratrol, which is a component of red wine.

Have you ever heard the term "wino?"  There's a reason for it.  They are generally very thin, probably because of a very similar effect that resveratrol has, and are malnourished.  Not because they don't eat - they generally do - but because of that effect.  I know, I lived with a person like that for over a decade.

So - there's bound to be a toll on your body for over-using SRT1720.

Now to an interesting question.  This is just me, always finding potential bad uses for things.  Because people will.

Suppose I was secretly overdosing you on SRT1720, in your coffee, your meals, your sweets, your snacks?  You'd be eating normally but losing weight and condition rapidly.  Murder by weight loss drug.  And don't say it will never happen, there have been cases of people dying under very similar circumstances from ethyl glycol poisoning (brake fluid) administered by their spouses, never suspecting a thing.

... and  now you have help to clean up afterwards ...  Oh and don't try drinking brake fluid - it's definitely bad for you and you may not be able to stop...

All jokes aside - more information has come to hand, and it seems SRT1720 is actually considered safe - for mice. Insofar as the researchers say that there is no further effect of a dose exceeding 500mg - again, this is in mice.  There's hope that the drug will aid Type 2 diabetes sufferers, and the ageing, as well.  So perhaps we'll see this on shelves soon.

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