05 May, 2009

Meet Other Strange Meat

So many people out there know that something's wrong.
Why Are Humans Always So Sick?
asks the plaintive headline,  See, this is our smart bugger, knows that something's gotta be wrong.
"Our theory is that when we moved to this super-hygiene environment, which only occurred in the last 50 to 100 years, this led to immune disregulation,"
So funny!  The article mentions type 2 diabetes and obesity. There are others, but they miss them  Cancers are far more prevalent, cellular inflammation followed by displasia gives us those.  And various heart diseases and respiratory diseases, too.

You know when these illnesses started to become far too commonplace, they tell you that it happened 50 to 100 yeas ago.  And they'd be right if the were back in last century.  We've begun to have these delightful modifications to our health for 150 years, give or take a decacde.

The antagonists are fast food companies, companies playing fast and loose with your daily meal, the companies who play fast and loose for a fast buck, and a bunch of chemicals called "additives."  We started using preservatives and modifiers and different techniques around 200 years ago, and within a few months, the hooked people were hooked, and on their way to becoming obese people...  Within a few years, some of those people would have begun showing the first signs of the modern diseases, followed by more and more people as supermarket chains and big business took a grip of our food pipeline.

Now that they've had time to perfect the way of making a $9.50 meal out of a 50c collection of overcooked steamed vegetables and shreds of meat, (and various extenders, plasticisers, flavourings, additives, "nutritional supplements" etc of course,) we suddenly also have this epidemic of people with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, circulatory illnesses, inflamed nerves and musles, tirednesses and weaknesses and mycoid, fungal, or inflammation illnesses.  It's not a coincidence...

I wish they'd just give up trying to convince us (and themselves) that what they're doing is actually not diabolical and couldn't constitute reckless manslaughter in most courts...

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