22 June, 2009

Is This "Analog Green?"

Kind of wrong.  Kind of.  Why would I repurpose a TV into a giant thermometer?  I already have several thermometers, and actually recharge their batteries in a solar charger so that I'm not wasting energy and creating greenhouse gases in the process of finding out how much those greenhouse gases are raising the average temperatures in my part of the world...

Somehow, driving a whole TV and a bunch of circuitry just to do what I'm essentially doing for free now isn't all that appealing to me.  I know - the analog TV is waste anyway - but how about we do a bit of a cost/benefit analysis on these things?

What is the day to day cost of running an old analog TV and Digital Set Top Box (DSTB) compared to the cost of running a newer (possibly OLED or LCD based) digital capable TV?

What is the cost to produce a new digital capable TV versus the cost of having an already produced analog TV plus whatever it takes to produce a DSTB, considering the old TV is going to end up as landfill?

Just how many TVs do I have, anyway?  I've repaired and inherited five TVs in the last year.  I'm desperately trying to think of what to do with any of them, but running them as a display is not one of my preferred options...

I wonder if we haven't well and truly passed the point of survival if we total up all the crap machines we've already got and which are all environmental hazards to dispose of.  Personally, I'm going to wait until I see a recycling scheme that seems to actually create less pollution than it cleans up.

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