29 December, 2009

Is Lasik Better Than Spectacles?

As an intrepid reporter of all things zen and good, I never thought anyone would pay me to write about Lasik eye surgery.  But the offer (from Stahl Eye Center) came up, and I sold my soul to write this article.  Well, actually, not quite so...

Because then I - just stopped and thought about it for a few minutes.  And it hit me - Lasik is probably way more eco-friendly than a lifetime of prescription spectacles and/or contacts, and the ongoing maintenance those require.

Consider it: Every time I get my prescription glasses replaced and renewed, it costs a visit to the optometrist (office, equipment they need manufactured, energy to run all that) and then a scrip placed with an optical technician. (More office/workshop space, a lot of equipment and energy to grind my lenses...)  And then the frames... OMG frames manufacturers and suppliers use exotic materials, obscure manufacturing techniques, and waste God only knows how many resources to provide that overpriced frame.

One last, not immediately obvious advantage:  designer sunglasses.  If you're a spectacle wearer, you possibly got a set of prescription sunnies because optometrists like to make sure you have sun protection too, it covers their asses.  But designer prescriptions?  Not likely,  And at least with the Lasik surgery, you can wear non-prescription sunglasses that look okay...

I was worried about what the surgery entails, because I'd heard horror stories.  But apparently it's now one of the most performed surgeries in the US, and coming up fast here in Australia too, and it's apparently much less fuss than it used to be - usually no pain, vision recovery in a matter of hours, and it can eliminate the need for those special prescription glasses.

Now since I'm in Australia I can only pass this on to you, but the Stahl Eye Center claims to have excellent doctors, excellent results, and an excellent 35 year record.  For us Aussies, I'm sure a Google search turns up some excellent alternatives.

Me, I'm waiting until someone sponsors my eye lasering.  It's kind of hard on a pension and the payouts of these paid articles...  %)

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