19 January, 2010

"Send In The Architects" Just Doesn't Have The Same Ring To It

Fark!  Some nights the irritations just keep building up.  Fark u Treehugger for your publishing this, and far queue Lisa Rochon.

Cos, like, ummm - aren't real architects one of the reasons we have these totally energy inefficient heat islands we call cities in the first place? As far as I'm concerned - send in the clowns. They couldn't do a worse job than the real architects have done...

BTW anyone that has spotted that I may possibly think that "green architects" are a bunch of total self-obsessed tossers, well observed! I do try and hide it so much...

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1 comment:

Von said...

Seen the proof and while we're at it.Some who call themselves environmentalists are actually so uncaring of the environment they do things that curl the hair.I've cleared up their mess right here at home.

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