06 October, 2005

Introduction To The Cookbook

The Body Friendly Zen Cookbook is now on its own site at http://www.zencookbook.com/, it is a work in progress so please download the free e-book there, or buy the full version, or donate something --- and leave a comment please.

Your purchases and donations will make it possible for me to continue this work. For example, the CSIRO will in 2007 be running a test on my diet and those results will be published on the site. And I am investigating several promising sources of new treatment foods and those too will be published on the site once I have something to publish.

For registered purchasers of the book, this will in effect mean that the book will always be up to date with the latest revisions. It is my intention to also supply the book in electronic form on a USB key, which will be able to actually update from the online server, thus creating the ultimate "perpetual book!"

In addition I will hopefully be offering the book in formats to suit proprietary reader hardware etc.

Prices are expected to be around $35USD for the USB version, (remember this is also a USB key,) $20USD for the hardcopy, with $15USD for e-text versions. As prices drop for the USB devices this will be reflected in the price of the USB book, and similarly for the e-text versions, Proprietary formats will be priced according to the relevant patent owner's prices.

A printed copy is coming soon, stay tuned.

Anyway - please head over to the main site, grab a copy of the book, leave me a donation (and email me about doing so - I'll remember to do something nice for you in turn when the full book goes into publication) and put your name down for the mailing list so that you'll know as soon as the first full copies are available.

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