18 January, 2007

Yes I Have Spare Time, Why Do You Ask?

After a hectic few months where I was IT contracting, I finally have time to get behind the Body Friendly Zen Cookbook again. I'm currently home rendering some fine pork dripping for flavouring (no it is not contrary to the diet, as you'll see when you read it) and preparing some chicken wings for roasting tonight.

(The pork fat? Okay in the diet I recommend using olive oil and grapeseed oil, preferably mixed together 50/50 - but food tastes dead boring if cooked with the same fats all the time. As I say in the book, use about half the oil you think you'll need, and for flavour, reduce that to half that amount again - and then it's fine with the diet to add an equal amount of butter or pork dripping or duck fat or whatever flavour you're aiming for. The idea is to reduce your fat intake but not to stop taking in fats. Your body needs them. It creates a variety of building blocks from fat.

Also - much maligned as different fats are - our bodies have over thousands of generations become dependent on having them. Yes, there are a thousand vegetarians who will point to themselves and say this is proof that we don't need these animal products but I say it's a tribute to the adaptability and flexibility of the human digestive system. Those people are putting their bodies under undue stress and it will often show up in various deficiency illnesses such as skin and hair ailments, susceptibility to various community-acquired flu and colds, and so forth. If you are striving to return your cells to a normal state and thus reverse your cancer you shouldn't place ANY undue strain on yourself. )

So anyhow - the chicken wings turned out a treat and I'll soon start a recipe card series on these pages with extra recipes that fit the diet for one reason or another. These recipes will be basic and there will be more on the Bodyfriendly registered user website, with a better description and breakdown of the ingredients. And how does one register for the website? Well, if you purchase a book I will have your email address and when the registered website is operational you will be sent a link and a username and password you can use. It wil be that simple, and then you will be able to take part in online discussions with other people in a similar position to yourself, read the recipes, and (if I manage to get this going, it's proving a hard thing to program) a list of stores in your area where the more specialised ingredients are available. There are also a lot of staff of medical centres and research facilities who are going to get free copies of the book and free membership to the site so you may even be able to discuss matters with a professional.

For now - please visit the Zencookbook Dot Com site and look around - there's getting to be more and more material there.

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