15 February, 2007

REVA Revs And - Creeps Away?

The Solar Shop (who are opening a shop here in Perth in March if their website holds the latest news) apparently brought a REVA electric car into Adelaide. I LOVE the idea of electric cars - after all, what better partnering than our long sunshine (and solar electricity!) filled days, a solar battery charger, and an electric vehicle?

So it's disappointing to see the stupid political pissing contests that this one little car is provoking. Come on you stupid bastards we are all going to die together if the climate destabilises, and no-one will give a pink and purple spotted shit whether you stuck to the right side or the wrong side!

I promise to vote for whoever legislates and has brough into Law that these vehicles are glorified motor scooters and thus subject to no more rigorous testing than my VMoto scooter was. Also, the 200W limit on electric scooters is totally laughable - are you afraid people are going to perform terrifying feats of annihilation on anything more powerful?

Please - if you want the law changed leave a comment, I'll bring them all to the attention of my local MP because this kind of bullshit is what's holding back the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and we can't afford for this to get much worse.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I can confirm that Solar Shop indeed has started to operate in Perth. We are based in O'Connor on Carrington St. Thanks for your enthusiastic support of the Reva vehicle. Make sure you contact us to regsiter your interest if you are keen to trial one when/if they become available.
Thanks again,
Kind regards
Sharon Morris
Solar Shop W.A.

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