02 May, 2007

Warming Warming...

Gauging people's reactions and opinions is never easy - take this article in the NZ Herald:


But the believers and skeptics among the readership are about balanced. El Nino happens because of GW, other effects too. And even if other planets are warming up, don't worry about them, *OUR* planet is the one to worry about!


BGTV said...

Amazing that we are still having this debate isn't it?

teddlesruss dat who! said...

Amazing to me is our Prime Minister John "Bonsai" Howard paying lip service to the idea on the one hand and kissing coal fired power stations' and multinational petrol companies' asses on the other.

One minute he's green, next minute he refuses to believe the fucked-uppedest weather in recorded history as proof.

It's like living with a sociopathic bipolar schizo. And he's only a "mini-me" of George W, God help us all...

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