04 June, 2007

These Do Grow On Trees!

http://thesecomefromtrees.blogspot.com/ - good message but how about printing up your own? I'm all for conservation and ecological responsibility but I don't see how charging for stickers benefits the environment, whereas each person who wants to campaign printing their own, will spread the activism.

I'll see about some artwork for stickers that doesn't tread all over the copyright above and post it here.

Please remember if you do print your own stickers that the paper you print them on also comes from trees and be sparing with yours. And there are dozens of places where such stickers come in handy other than just paper towel rolls:

  • Try placing a sticker wherever there's a street stand giving away free advertising papers or real estate sheets, anything people will tend to pick up from boredom.
  • Your work's photocopier and the cabinet where the paper is kept.
  • Ditto, for the office printer.

That's only a few more places where these stickers would help, you will find more as you go about your daily routine.

Go get 'em!

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