27 September, 2007

Environmental IDIOTS Block - Wind Power?

Bad words! No <g> rating! You have been warned!

Stories like this one make me so ashamed to be known as "environmentally conscientious."

Their concerns that "400-foot turbines would loom over an adjacent wilderness area" is such a load of shit that I am just about struck speechless.

Really, when people act like total assholes like this I depair, and I think maybe we deserve to go extinct. Would they prefer a nice tail of nuclear fallout from another melted-down power plant "looming over" their precious effing wilderness area?

How about all the other wilderness areas in the world, they should all get placed under pollution stress because these dickheads are worried about one wilderness area being "loomed over?"

Pack of NIMBY assholes, I hope someone shits in your gardens and buries you and your fucking dog in oil sludge and soot and greenhouse wastes!

And to my regular readers, I sincerely apologise - but I hope that just ONE of these people reads this article and gets their head out from up their arse long enough to realise what a pack of pettyfogging shitheads they look like to the rest of the world...


Spurwing Plover said...

Mnay of these radical green freaks have acuialy said that humans should become extinct to have the earth THEN START AND END WITH THEM DONT LET THEM OVER POPULATE AND THAT INCLUDES THAT JERK PAUL EHRLICH

teddlesruss dat who! said...

Yeap, I am aware of the radicals that want to commit suicide, I say let 'em... %)

I believe in survival, and that kind of precludes just giving up and sticking our heads in the sand.

On a happier note, I believe there's now less impediment to wind power, so we should see some cleaning up of the air soon.

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