26 September, 2008

PETA - Puerile Extremist Thoughtless Asinine

Two immediate thoughts about PETA's slightly creepy request ...

Firstly, as we get older, human milk is less beneficial for us and according to some research may even be harmful to the older body's biochemistry.  Dairy milk, on the other hand, the human race (Mediterranean/European branches, in any case) have specifically evolved to tolerate because our bodies need calcium.

Secondly, not milking cows is a damn sight more cruel than milking them.  PETA as usual misses the whole point, these cows are BRED to provide milk and their lives would be short and miserable if they were left to die of mastitis.  Get over it PETA you pack of dipshits.

And there's a third thing.  Would PETA go to press to protect the hundreds of thousands of women from poor countries (who are NOT bred for milk production) who would suffer to provide the milk for PETA's proposed mammary milkshakes?

As usual PETA demonstrates complete ineptitude and total lack of konowledge of what they are spouting.  Maybe one day we'll find a way to develop their brains past infantile short lived febrile hallucinations to some kind of rational thought, and then find a way to connect their mouths to those brains instead of their asses.

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