10 November, 2008

In Support Of Duncan Riley's Open Letter To K-Rudd

This sucks.  A lot of people think so, for various reasons.  Why is the car industry getting so much money?  I recall not too far back when an embarrassed Toyota exec was basically arm-twisted into accepting millions of dollars.  The exec was all "But we are making a lovely profit already thank you and have already got plans well in hand to build hybrids.  I SAID, we are alright thank you! Hey! Quite trying to shove this into my g-string!  Securityyyy!"  And that is only a few months ago...

Are you or are you not, Mr Rudd, for some change on global warming?  If you are, why are you propping up all car manufacturers, when all they will do is build the same cars?  Only slightly worse, because they'll have lost interest in manufacturing amidst the party they'll have with the money?  Why?  Well, because you're just shoving this money at them willy-nilly with no requirements other than "have fun guys!"

You know Kevin, as a pensioner, I should feel like you're a bit of a mongrel.  And while I'd been a Labor supporter for all my life, I now do think you're a mongrel.  Since when were cars more important than your Australian people?  What have you been thinking?  Don't reckon you might lose it all in this recession?  And then you might be relying on a freaking poverty pittance to live on like you're condemning the rest of us to?  I hope you get bitten by this, K-Rudd, and bigtime.

Meanwhile, unless there are some tangible positive results for me and others in my situation, you've not only lost my vote and those of my friends, you've attracted a vocal and determined campaigner - against you.  In less than a year you've completely erased my lifetime of Labor voting.  Nice going!

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