08 January, 2009

Making Your Burgers Cheaper (To Make.)

It's always good to see how a garage inventor can come up with the goods, in the face of all the big corporations - just by recognising a need.  Big corporations don't see the need to help other big corporations trim costs, it takes someone who's actually in touch with the problems faced by those franchise operators to see a need and fill it.

(Are large corporations really that out of touch?  I say hell yeah - once you get to that kind of altitude in the business ecosystem, you just can't have the kind of vision that's needed.)

Anyway - back to the invention, the Vegawatt.  Just brilliant.  Toss in the cooking oil you were using to pump out fries and heart-attack-burgers, and it saves you up to 10% of your energy costs by providing electricity and hot water.  (I bet though that they won't take 10% off the price of that burger though!)  Of course, this also saves load on the local power grid, which is a good thing.

It neatly takes care of all the drums of waste oil sitting around out the back waiting to be collected, which cuts down on smell and mess.  And for those who say "what about the biofuellers?" I have to say I always thought that having to go collect and process all that oil was pretty much a drain on the resources, most people can use that time far more efectively.

Sorry to say, but if you're a biofueller mainly because it's cheaper, then think again.  Reducing greenhouse waste emissions isn't about economy, it's about survival of the world.

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