11 February, 2009

The Body Friendly Zen Cookbook is now almost three.

It's been quite a few years now since I had news of my prostate cancer, and developed The Body Friendly Zen Cookbook, which this blog is the support blog for.  When I posted this article more recently, I was ecstatic that my results were still so excellent.

If this nice new feature of Blogger works, then this post will auto post on my birthday, and it will have been almost four years that I've remained prostate problem free, without any chemicals or drugs.

(BTW I'm writing this late in December 2008, have recently had another blood test, and still my PSA is at a level of 1.0 or less.  Since this is my 52nd birthday, I should be averaging 1.8 or more PSA, yet my levels are still like those of a 25 - 30 yo man.)

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