07 February, 2009

EV News N Views N Boos

And not boos in a cuddly sense, either.  I said that I find current EVs are almost always styled to be as ugly as possible (car manufacturers would say "distinctive" but the aim is not to make EVs look like pink monkeys, come on!) and not very well designed electrically.   The Tazzari Zero is along the lines of all of that.  It looks like the unfortunate offspring of a Mini (car, not Mac) and a duck, (army or biological, take your pick, either way is as ugly,) and try as I might I couldn't find all that much grist on the site.  The Register has an article on it as well, there you go.

You may have noticed that while I'm tongueing for an EV to come along, I'm also becoming more and more disenchanted with the piles of battery ridden crap that are out there.  You'd be right, on both counts.  Given that electric cars were available in the 60's, it's frustrating that the current crop of EV's is pretty much exactly the same, give or take a handful of minor differences.  Honestly - you'd think technology that's been around for almost fifty years would have seen some improvements, definitely more than the paltry addition of a PWM controller and Li-Ion batteries - which is what most of our contemporary manufacturers seem to think is radical and wonderful and makes them justified in charging like wounded bulls for the privilege of owning an ugly resource-waster.

You'd also be excused if you (like me) were to wonder why the hell an EV, with less moving parts and and more of what we know are cheap to produce electronics (see things like $20 iPod clones and laptops that sell for $400, meaning they cost under $100 to manufacture) should cost so much and price themselves out of reach of most of the population.

And since EVs are meant to be the vanguard of a movement which is supposed to replace polluting fossil-fuelled vehicles, why then are they all busily researching how to make themselves faster and more powerful and more wasteful of resources?  Come on - some tossers with small penis syndrome out there may be willing to pay you an exorbitant price for your over-powered over-engineered over-wank-factored POS but what we need is less stupid greedy asshat manufacturers like you.  (You're the reason we're in this predicament now, fer chrissakes.)

So mainly it's boo to most of them.

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