02 February, 2009

Your Supermarket Loves You(r Money And Not Much Else)

Do food companies actually care about your health?  They would have you believe so, and label all their products with "New! Improved! Healthy!" wording all over the package.  If you believed everything that they write on their packaging, believed all their ads and commercials, then eating sugar frosted floor dust flakes covered in watered-down permeate-boosted milk would turn you into the healthiest person walking the planet.

But we all know that this isn't so.  "Healthy" cereals (for example) are loaded with sugar to capture your taste buds, preservatives, flavour enhancers and modifiers, to make the shit more appealing and give it better "mouthfeel" and so forth.  And to top it off the natural vitamins and trace minerals and nutrional value have been cooked, baked, roasted, and otherwise processed out.

Still think the food companies have your interests at heart and not their bottom line and how they can extract more of your dollars?  How I'm persecuting poor innocent (extremely rich) executives who spend their whole days pondering how to give you the best and healthiest value for money?  Oh puh-lease!

How about knowingly selling poisoned food?  Also, please don't trap yourself into thinking of this as a one in a million occurrence.  It's just that this one gathered some public attention because it killed people, and in fact the decision to ship known tainted product is carried out routinely at every level from the primary producer up.  "Reckon they'll notice?  Nahhhh, screw 'em!" is a far more common reaction than "No! We'll cop a loss and throw this whole batch out!"

... just sayin' ...

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