04 March, 2009

Brammo Bicycle Best Buy Bamboozlement

Electric Vehicles (EVs) need to make a radical departure from conventional automobiles in order to make an impact.  By that I don't mean that these vehicles should look like a roller skate mated with the ugliest Skoda (which is unfortunately what most manufacturers seem to have taken their cue from) but that they should be sold and marketed in an entire different way.

I've been saying that big showrooms are not the way - you're trying to market frugality and economy here, after all... Most specifically in terms of environmental impact being as low as possible, but preferably also in terms the consumer will understand, i.e. effect on their hip-pocket nerve.  In order to do that you need to take the approach that your vehicle is a commodity not a religious artifact.  Get away from the empire palaces built on obscene profits, the huge glass showrooms, and start selling your cars like an MP3 player - which you can now buy in the electrical good aisle of your local big chain supermarket, and from little booths set up in the local mall.

 This approach (http://i.gizmodo.com/5162905/best-buy-to-sell-12000-electric-motorcycle-probably-with-a-4000-service-plan) is probably exactly along the lines I've been thinking of.  Except for the price for what is essentially a bicycle with a battery and electric motor...

I guess that Brammo is probably trading on being the first one to do this, but that's still no excuse for such an atrocious price.  As with my recent article on the atrociously inflated price of solar panels, the production costs are way down, now pass it on you greedy sods!

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