11 March, 2009

Eco Predictions Fail - both Eco's.

There's a worrying trend.  That's the trend for "experts" to continually revise their estimates.  To the gloomy side.  Just think - in regard to the economy, for example - these are the very bastards that got the world's economic system into this predicament in the first place.  Experts?  Pah.  Greedy little piggy people (sorry to re-invoke a decades-old image) with their little piggy snouts in the trough, expecting you to fill it for them, more likely.

And when you hear these "experts" saying to batten down the hatches, it's going to be worse than we think, then you'd better be considering how you want to go through this never-before-seen event, this World Global Recession the like of which we have never had before, and which therefore the "experts" aren't actually so "expert" about.  Me I'm thinking a nice country vacation to a little hobby farm might be just the thing.  I won't be able to eat dollars once they become worthless, but I can grow food...

I like to remember that there are no "experts" or "specialists" in climate change either, as it's not exactly something anyone could have prior experience with, unless they were extremely long-lived and/or from another planet that's just succumbed to climate change.

But we can see that the worrisome trend of "experts" revising their worst fears to even worse continues, and it's time I became an "expert on the accelerating trend of experts to espouse ever more dire predictions."

Given this article as the latest expert opinion about sea level change, I too can make a prediction:

Since these "experts" revise the timeframe to ever shorter and shorter spans, and the threats to ever more disastrous and dire levels, you can safely say that we don't have a lot of time, we can't actually "fix" what's wrong, and we're in for a rough ride, really really soon.

Don't forget, also, that these revised predictions are generally based on results seen now, in other words when they say "at least a meter rise by 2100" that could mean "actually, five meters rise by 2100.  And the rise doesn't happen all at once in 2100 - it's happening right now to cause such a drastic re-evaluation.  As I'm typing this, the average sea level has risen by a perceptible amount...

In other words, the predictions have been and probably still are woefully under-estimating the actual rate we're stuffing up the world at, and we're already in for a tough and possibly lethal ride.  If you live along the coast, or on low-lying islands, learn to swim...

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