07 March, 2009

The Slow Food Benefit - Weight Loss

If you can excuse the slightly smug tone of this article, it's actually a good addendum to my Zen Cookbook.  This is why I lost weight while using the recipes in it, because it was a far better way to eat than fast food burgers and pizzas, and I remember thinking that at almost a kilo a week for a few months it was too good to be true.  And, eventually, it was.  Bad food habits crept in again, and so did those lost kilos.

I was eating only maybe one fast food or junk food meal every week or two, but that was enough to make my system misbehave and store fat.  So honestly, reconsider just grabbing that fast burger and chips on the way home, because it really does seem to be a leading cause of obesity and system overload.

What has really driven this home to me is that I've moved south of the city, and about 8km from the nearest supermarket.  I prefer to drive 12km the other direction to get to a fresh produce place named the Spud Shed, and I buy a lot of vegetables and fruit there, because I have animals that like fruit and veg, and because I like a good dollop of fresh F&V in my meals anyway. In four months here I've lost 10kg again, just because I couldn't give in to the temptation to buy a burger or pizza or packaged white bread without either paying the local exorbitant prices or driving into Pinjarra or Mandurah.

While I've been here, T has come to visit me every weekend, and she is an obese person - but only since coming back to Australia.  When she lived in Cyprus in a rural area, she ate plentifully but stayed at her correct weight.  Back in Australia with our processed and additive-laden crap foods, and she not only became obese but also scored Type 2 diabetes into the bargain.

Another friend, J, came to visit on the weekend.  I haven't seen J in years but he was never more than borderline overweight, and now he was thin and trimmed down in weight because he'd "had Type 2 - didn't you know?"  No I didn't know, and as I said I would never have considerd J to be overweight - but he was, as was I, a computer and IT person and we often lived on fast food and junk food.

So what else can I put it down to?  If you eat processed foods with lots of additives, food that has had the natural nutrients processed out of it, and which is an admixture of the processed food itself, plus additives to restore its nutritive content, and extra nutrients that were never in the original food, then your system goes into an overload.  Common signals such as repleteness, insulin triggers, and the general warning signs your body give, get ignored as they are triggered continuously, and systems go out of whack.  (And oh yes, your cells give out literally millions of warnings all day every day when on adulterated foods - just that, like the sound of traffic outside your window, the sound of rain on the roof after a while, your brain ignores them.)

Once one system goes out of kilter, others will follow it.  And before you know it your body is sensing itself under threat and starts to lay in fat to at least provide energy for fighting back the other "infections" it senses.  As it happens, this leads to a vicious circle, because these days, food *IS* the infecting agent, in 80% of the food you eat.  It's what triggers fatty liver and Type 2, arterial plaques, and (in my experience, at any rate) some of the worse cancers such as prostate, cervical, bowel, and colon.  Anywhere that this crap slop that the supermarkets sell as food ends up going through... 

I don't think I need to make this point any more but I will, just for the sake of making it clear:  ANY food that has additives that were not known to mankind 5,000 to 10,000 years ago; any food that is processed in a manner that wasn't around 5,000 to 10,000 years ago; and any food that itself wasn't around 5,000 to 10,000 years ago in it's season;  ALL of these will do you damage.  Just like tobacco does certain damage, so do adulterated foods.  Important - 5,000 to 10,000 years ago we knew how to store certain foods such as cereals and roots against the off-peak seasons, we knew how to preserve foods by smoking, salting, brining, and pickling; and we knew how to make wines and beers.  ALL WITHOUT ANY ADDITIVES.  Not many people died of obesity-related diseases, nor of diabetes, nor of cancers.  'Nuff said . . .

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