15 March, 2009

Which Food Would You Choose?

How ironic - as one country makes all the right food choices and ensures the health and wellbeing of its citizens, another country buries their citizens and organic farmers in piles of bureaucratic shit...  

And we're rapidly going down the same path, Aussies!  The damage done by years of Liberal sabotaging of the retail economy by giving advantages to the most heartless and wrongdoing large corporations needs to be undone, and quickly.  Show your support for farmer's markets and small fruit and vegetable markets and local butchers, because otherwise we too will finish up in a legal farce like the USA, our food required to be adulterated and turned to shit, by Law.

Look - the problem in the USA is empire building by the food producers and manufacturers.  The bigger they can get, the more profits they can squeeze out.  The less competition they have, the more they can afford to let the actual nutritional qualities of the food they make be eroded with preservatives and fillers and other shit designed to stretch even more profit out of the product.  And of course, the larger they get, the wider the sphere of damage when their foodstuff is contaminated, the more people's health they will ruin.  All without a single care, consideration, or retribution in the world.

In contrast, a smaller more localised producer will maybe affect a few thousand people, and at that, only as long as it takes for the locals to get the pitchforks and burning torches and run them out of town on a rail...  Large manufacturers have no problems storing fruit and vegetables for (sometimes) years before selling the by now well and truly valueless food at monopoly prices.  Local producers' only weapon is to have the best and freshest produce.

It makes sense that the more you use local produce, the healthier you will live, and the more control you will have over your food and your life.  Don't be lazy, take personal responsibility and KEEP THE BASTARDS HONEST!

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