14 September, 2009

Bastard Marketing Inc #2723

"Releases regular bursts, keeping your home insect-free the natural way"...
The quote above is from a TV ad I just heard.  it may not be word perfect.
'Scuse me if I admit to being totally flabberghasted.  I'm still trying to figure out, Louie, how pesticides sprayed into the air is natural in any way shape or form, even less convinced that spraying it in "regular bursts" is actually gonna be any friendlier to the environment or me and my friends.

And i'm not even going to touch the matter of manufacturing a timer sprayer, all the electronics, and the energy needed to keep the thing going.  And the waste when it gets forgotten once the first lot of batteries leak inside the case, rendering it useless after the first can of "natural" poison.  Because very few people ever actually buy more than the refill that comes with the first pack.

Oh well, it's not a clean world and that's not a clean advertising tactic.

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