27 October, 2009

The Course Of Water

Bottled Water - It's a No No No No No!  Okay Treehugger?  No matter how you try and put lipstick on a pig, you still wouldn't take it on a date!  The point is that water costs shitloads of energy to just get to a position where it can be used by the bottlers.  Then it costs even more to filter (if you actually believe their bullshit that they do filter it) and then to make whatever you supply it in, fill that, seal it, print your bullshit across it, and truck it halfway around the country and refrigerate it.

The only way that they could make it right is to find some kind of natural channels... Surely there must be such a natural delivery system?  Oh yeah - turns out there is - leave the effing stuff in rivers and dams, and instead of creating pollution to bottle and process it, how about instead you accept a commission from people for spending those kind of man-hours on patrolling a natural watercourse of your choice and making sure no-one pollutes it in the first place?

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