25 November, 2009

The Idiot Gambit

So does anyone out there still believe global warming is a huge conspiracy?  Are there still people who have their heads so far up their own asses and who like the scenery there better?

Because I'm 52, and I've spent 39 years of that in Western Australia, and I've got news for the naysayers.  Keep your head right were it is.  Just keep your nose out of everyone else's efforts to stem this.  And yes one in particular I'm thinking of when I say that is short, has bushy eyebrows, and was our Prime Minister a few years back.  Unfortunately.

Every year of the time since arriving in 1965 is there in my memory somewhere.  And damned if there wasn't more rain in those memories, more time each year that vegetation remained green instead of dried up.  And it wasn't the explosive kind of tinder dry we've been getting the last few years, either.  Bushfires were scary when I was a kid, but they weren't the uncontrollable monsters I've seen here in WA - never mind the Black Saturday.

And this year is only the second time that I've gotten two crops of tomatoes off my plants, one lot in the "deep of winter."  The only other time something like this happened was in the Northwest, where "winter" is days with temperatures dipping below 20C and an unreasonably cold winter's day is one where the mercury's approaching 14C...

I've seldom seen the weather as unsettled and uppredictable as it currently is, either.  Nor have I seen as many people I respect being so concerned about the rapid acceleration of all effects of global warming.  So I've made it my personal mission to grow my own food as much as possible, produce it with as little manufacturing or processing as possible, and make sure my skillsets include as much as I can fit in about animals and plants and old land lore.

I figure that if I'm wrong, the worst thing that can happen is that I get to look like an idiot to others - but an alive idiot.  If I'm right, there'll be a lot of dead idiots and I'll be the one looking...

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