07 November, 2009

Rabbitted Off

I drove almost 50km each way to get these two - only to get overcharged $5 each on them. The address where I picked them up turned out to be Mundijong Rural Supplies, and I was expecting to pay $15 each for them, but was charged $20 apiece. I arrived home and checked the advert they'd placed in the Quokka, and yes they have overcharged me. It's only $10 but to someone on a pension that's a fairly substantial hit, especially after splashing out on extra petrol as well. So I'm very disappointed and I'm letting you know what happened to me.

That's now on my Facebook for everyone to see.  I'm just so disappointed that they would do something like that, and I really hope it makes other people think twice before buying anything from Mundijong Rural in future.  I'll contact them tomorrow and see what they say.  There's no way I want to drive another 90-plus km to get $10 back, so it's going to be interesting to see how the plan to resolve this.  I'll keep them honest.

Nope - I was told that $15 is "for the guinea pigs" and not for the rabbits. Bear in mind that the ad in the Quokka says NOTHING whatsoever about guinea pigs, only the NZ White rabbits. So she's not only dishonest in her actions, she kept lying to justify herself.  Here's the ad direct off the website:

RABBITS (10) New Zealand white, 8 wks old $15 ea. Mndjng. 04xx-xxx-xxx

That's the entire ad, doesn't look like there's much in there that could be mistaken for "$20 per rabbit, $15 per guinea pig" now does it?  I hate people who do this,I hope you do too.

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GooseBreeder said...

Would you pay $15 for a Guinea Pig anyway? Last time I looked they were $5!
So sad when people do this.I've had to stop shopping at one particular place because they rip me off every time but are nice with it.Somehow that makes it worse!
Hoped they might post you a cheque!

teddlesruss dat who! said...

nah - as I said, she bald-faced lied to me on the phone about there being guinea pigs in the ad that the $15 was referring to, why should I expect this ill-bred moll to give me any money back? I'll find the two does a nice boyfriend and sell mine for a genuine $15 apiece, after one litter I'll have forgotten all about Ms Mundijong. But she'll still be feeling the fall-out from this, because about 30 of my direct FB friends and maybe 150 "extended friends" now know about her dishonesty and money-grubbing. %)

PS: The girls have settled in beautifully, they went for their first free run in the yard today and I was able to pick them up and take them back to the hutch as easily as all the other bunnies I've had here. I think it'll be just fine from here on in.

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