19 January, 2010

The Not So Green Slab

What I like about this product: almost nothing.  Sorry.
  • Cement, paper, and fly ash are not "low environmental impact" materials, no matter how you try and spin it.  They cost dearly to produce, and re-using them to make another thing that will enter the consumption chain and one day finish up as a not easily recyclable piece of landfill is not "low environmental impact" either.
  • Due to the above, you can't claim you're "making it from nothing."  Don't people get it yet?  TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, you can't "make something from nothing" and there is no such things as "low environmental impact" unless you're talking about time travelling back to prevent yourself from being born, and even that would have some pretty hefty repercussions on the world I'd imagine.
  • Shipping these slabs all over the country is not "low environmental impact" and you can't can't can't absolutely can't claim that it is, once you start working out the real environmental costs of that transportation.  You can't even franchise the procedure to more local centres because the material you use is highly specific to your location and it took you 18 months to learn how to deal with that combination of materials.
  • You had to "develop a process" to make this stuff so hard and smooth, and there would be several chemicals (at the very least, a sealer) involved here as well, and that means some NOT "low environmental impact" factory making those chemicals.
  • And lastly - what research have you done to ensure that the product you're shipping doesn't have really bad effects on the human body after a few years of exposure to food prepared on that slab?
Sad that so many things that seem green on first glance end up being just more greenwash.  People just don't think things through.

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