17 January, 2010

Shitburger, Anyone? It's The Business!

How often have I said that Big Food are Big Bastards?  And how often have I said "Keep the bastards honest?" (First attributed to Don Chipp of the Australian Democrats.)  Expecting a change of heart from me?  Toughies.  Cos here's two more stories that should make you want to hurl...

Big Beef are the first to cop a bollicking.  Look, I don't mean to harp on about this point but these bastards work on shaving or earning a few extra cents per ton.  To you and me, that's negligible and before we'd do something that has a good chance of harming people in order to earn two more coppers per truckload, we'd probably have an attack of conscience.

Not so these bastards.  Instead of being thankful that they could pick up the animal shit and shreds of rotten meat off the abbatoir floor and sell it to pet food companies, they see that if they just tiddle it up a bit more they can sell it to the next bastard as mince for their chain store hamburgers. Worse still, school canteens buy it.  WTF people, WTF?

And then after selling you a burger made out of floor dirt and animal shit and ammonia, those burger chain bastards offer you a soft drink from their postmix machine...

All a result of people NOT being on the ball, NOT being smart, and NOT keeping the bastards honest...  I'll take this a little bit further for you.  The nicely "corn-dusted bun" that the shitburger came on?  Wonder if that's some kind of supercorn that's grown for - oh, umm...  about 2c a ton cheaper because it's genetically modified?  So what if it causes organ failures?  That just makes money for the Health market, right?

Oh and it turns out to make money for another Big Food Bastard.  Because they have the Factory Farm Farmer Bastard by the Bastard Balls...

Look - I'm not out there scouring the news websites for this shit.  It's out there.  Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.  People get ill from it and die because of it, people spend short lives in miserable medical hells, all because the bastards have overrun the food market.

Come on - do something about it.  Plant a garden, stop paying money to be made ill, and make sure that the Big Food companies get the message loud and clear...

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