07 February, 2010

Quick roundup of the week

So I've given my favourite businesses a big nod in another article, what's left to talk about?  At 2AM Sunday morning we actually had a rain shower that had me outside taking washing down and re-hanging it under cover - and stopped as soon as I'd done that... But if it actually registers on the gauge, then it'll be the end to one of the driest starts to summer pretty much in recorded history.  Anyone that wants to be a climate change denier needs to tell that shit to my plants...

We've had a "bring out yer dead" kerbside rubbish collection, or as I prefer to call them, "materiel relocation events."  I can't help myself, I generally have a dozen projects on the go here at the cottage and they are generally waiting on only one or two items to finish them.  And of course then I find something else as I go checking stuff out so then I have another project started...

I also took the opportunity to throw out what I consider rubbish - the remnants of a small petrol scooter I have every useable part off, (and most already in use,) a washing machine ditto, a lawn mower ditto.  Trish observed that when I throw out rubbish, it really IS rubbish.  I have to concur.  I don't see how throwing out material that was harvested or dug out of the Earth and then manufactured at great energy costs, is a good thing in any way shape or form.  If you can squeeze one more use out of it, that's better than buying something new to fulfill that one use.  

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