25 October, 2013

Facebook Page

There've been a few changes to this page. Originally, it was set up as a support page to The Body Friendly Zen Cookbook which was my diet book that I was selling, said diet being the one that reversed the course of my prostate cancer in seven months. I sold about five copies, and gave away easily ten times that. What can I say? People wanted the information but weren't happy to pay. That's the Internet for you.

So I changed directions. I've taken down the original book, and instead released the 2nd Edition as a series of e-books. Better yet, I made them FREE to download, use, copy, and pass on to friends. (I did make it illegal to charge anyone for my work, though. So you may NOT charge a fee to pass it on. And I did make it illegal to modify the e-books in any way. So just don't...)

What I did do, is to give the e-books (and a hep of other FREE e-books I've either already posted or am currently writing) a page of their own at http://oftha.com/BFZCBII and instead, placed a donations link on that page so that if you liked the book(s) you read, you can send me some money for them.

And most importantly, I made a Facebook page for the health and food aspects. (http://www.facebook.com/ZenCookbook)

See you there!

Visit The Zenbook page and help support my work!

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