29 October, 2008

50% More Efficient Fuel Cells

Never ever to discount existing technology.  Well, fuel cells are existing technology, even if not (yet) old technology.  Fuel cells take a carbon/hydrogen fuel (think carbohydrate, think hydrocarbon) and separate out the electrons.  Generally this process leaves water vapour as the waste product, and that makes fuel cells a desirable technology, because eventually, they will convert all the dead dinosaurs to water and energy and we'll be rid of that fossil fuel in a clean way.

Now this process will make fuel cells more efficient and that means you'll start seeing them in some new applications, possibly even extracting the energy from your fuel to power your car.  Also of course remember that ways have been developed that turn CO2 into fuel sources probably eminently suitable for use in fuel cells, and you see that with a minimum of fuss, we are going to slide into a new era of clean power.  Just keep your fingers crossed that we don't also slide into any of a dozen other pitfalls along the way, but at least one disaster may be averted if we make these changes happen quickly enough.

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