24 October, 2008

Australian EV Owners Get A Charge

Sometimes, it's spooky.  I must go around with my head up my sandpit or something.  Not enough charge in the ole vigilance battery.  Because I could swear it was only a few days ago I mentioned that the biggest problem with Electric Vehicles (EVs) was that there aren't enough places to recharge them.  And now, here's this article at Gizmodo ...  (Mind you - even Gizmodo's sibling Treehugger missed this so I don't feel too bad...)

Now here's a thought for the eastern states of Australia - there's another half to the country, it's called Western Australia.  Recharge points over here in Perth (and for that matter, cities in SA, NT, and TAS) would be very welcome too.  Also, for the planned billion dollars, some planning to make some of those charge points based on solar energy would have been a bit more relevant and worthy of a full article...

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