20 October, 2008

Mini E - For The Modern 007, Sadly By BMW Not Q

Jump to the article for Gizmodo's gallery of pictures of the Mini E, another useful electric vehicle (EV) finding its way into the mainstream.

Pity they are only making a limited edition run of them, but kudos anyway for getting out there and doing something instead of just grimly churning out more pooeyspewers.

The Mini E is to have around 330km range, 95mph top speed thus handily beating the Joule EV I wrote about a week ago but not everything is about speed - let's face it, high pressure hurry-hurry-haste-haste lifestyle is one reason a sizeable percentage of us spend several hours every day crawling along in almost gridlocked traffic...

On the one downside, they are designing a special Li-ion battery pack for the vehicle, and that is the only thing I can complain about.  What a waste of resources for a limited run of only 500 vehicles, after all.  Also, bear in mind that there are dozens, perhaps by now thousands, of research establishments working on bigger better greener batteries, why not use an off the shelf component for this limited run?

Okay - that aside, here's one more thing for getting best range out of any EV in a high volume traffic situation.

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