21 October, 2008

Olive Oil Is Always Environmentally Friendly!

An olive farm is going green all the way, and plans to have all its carbon  emissions either cut out altogether or offset by planting more trees.  They mention solar energy for three days' worth of running, using electric carts bikes and tractors to tend their trees, biofuel for where electric won't do.  I know that oil presses use a fair bit of power, and solar isn't always reliable in Europe, so they have plans to expand the solar capacity to 10 days.

My question's pretty simple - what biofuel are they using?  Because, no-one I know buys pomace oil, the cheap nasty stuff that's pressed about last thing of all when the extra virgin and virgin grades have been pressed.  That would be a self-sustaining farm if ever there was one...

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Oza Meilleur said...

Hi Ted!

Our Prime Minister is so not preoccupied by carbon emissions or whatever else has to do with the environment. Such a shame for Canada.

Nice to know there are efforts made all over the world. We shall overcome?

Hugs and love xoxo

teddlesruss dat who! said...

Hmm once polar bear habitats start completely overlapping human habitats perhaps?

I know our Mr Rudd is at least conscious of environmental impacts - our previous Prime Minister Mr Howard was similar in outlook to Mr Harper. But towards the end of his term he was starting to cave in to the evidence.

I'm pretty sure this will become the biggest issue in another few short years, as you can tell I'm fast becoming a believer.

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