07 October, 2008

SIDS And Fans And Survival

It seems that SIDS is less likely if the baby is in moving air , such as from a fan.  Quick observation on my part:  I have emphysema, which is exacerbated by smoke or increased humidity.  When I was too broke to afford an air conditioning unit for the last two years, my condition tended to exacerbate for longer periods, and was much worse.  However, I also found that just running a fan seemed to ease my condition a lot, it just seemed that with a bit of air flowing past me, it made breathing easier. Still not as easy as in A/C environment but none the less, the years I used a fan were much easier on me than the year I didn't, all things considered.

So.  Perhaps, there's a need to keep windows open and air flowing.  For whatever reasons, it seems to be of benefit.

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