16 February, 2009

Why I Am Hating On Fast Foods. Again.

I'm not sure why, but it seems that some people are freaked out by the Body Friendly Zen Cookbook because it's a "diet."  Yes it is - but no it isn't.  It's not a diet in the sense that you need to strictly adhere to "5g of this and no more than a pinch of THAT" - no, not at all!  It's a set of guidelines for healthier better eating, and if the major foods are added to your diet and taken at the right times, that's all that counts.  From there, it's just a matter of basically "busking" the recipes (see here for one example) and making sure you have the right ingredients in it.  (That particular recipe had the right combination of particular cooking oil and tomatoes, for example.)

By the way:  Thanks to having moved just a few kilometers away from the temptation of fast and junk foods, I've been using the diet principles a bit more rigorously and suddenly find myself back down by about two kilos in three months, back from the borderline of obese to just slightly overweight for my BMI.  So the book achieves more than just great results with prostate problems, it also manages to trim weight off.

And it goes without saying that fast food more than once or twice a month is probably the worst thing ever you can do for your health, closely followed by not reading the ingredients on your packages of food.

A few possible ways to get the "good" back in your "good food" are here and here.

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